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About Us

Welcome to Pitch Dimensions. We specialise in AstroTurf, Sand Based and Basalt Dust pitches and Tennis Court Construction. We are experts in football pitch construction, providing a professional and efficient service, leaving you with a top quality football pitch. Whether it’s a hybrid football pitch, grass football pitch or artificialfootball pitch, our expert team and industry-leading equipment will ensure a fantastic playing surface.

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Our Story

Pitch Dimensions was launched by William Coyle in April 2000. William has over 20 years of experience in agriculture, drainage, private developments and plant hire. Pitch Dimensions specialise in sports field contracting including astroturf, sand-based pitches, basalt pitches, tennis courts and artificial pitches. Our experienced, expert team not only construct world-leading pitches but also offer comprehensive aftercare and maintenance services. We help our customers maintain the best quality pitches that last longer and play better.

We are confident we go the extra mile for our clients, ensuring that every project exceeds their expectations, every time. We deliver industry-leading sports pitches that are loved by owners, fans and players. We use outstanding materials and ensure high-quality construction. We ensure little details and finishing touches are carried out to a professional standard because we are passionate about providing prestige and unique service to all customers. 


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